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2023 Auditions 

Newby Blues Auditions 2023

3rd August

It's that time of year again! The Newby Blues are looking for some fresh faces to join our ranks and have a sing. We're looking for baritones and tenors this year, so all voices are encouraged to audition, whether you can sing high or low. 

This year we're also excited to be opening our auditions up to all residential colleges on College Row! So if you're from Tommy, UniHall, Cats or Trin and you're keen for an opportunity to have a sing, now's your chance!

External Auditions will be taking place in two rounds this year, with the first round being an online video submission, and the call back round being online. We highly recommend that you give the audition a go, you've got absolutely nothing to lose, and a whole lot of fun to gain!

Information about the structure of the audition can be found in our audition guide here:

Example Audition
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