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Blues History

Having formed at St George’s College in 2012, the Newby Blues began as a group of 8 guys that wanted to get together and have a sing and put on a bit of a show as a hobby in their free time. Over the 10 years that have followed, the group has seen over 60 members come and go from multiple universities and colleges who have all done their part in shaping the Blues to be what it is now, notorious both around The University and the local scene for their highly engaging and electric energy, wildly entertaining personalities and incredible-sounding repertoire. Although the Blues consist of a wide and diverse range of characters and experiences, they all mesh together impeccably to create a brilliant group of young men that will never fail to produce an unforgettable musical experience on stage.

With plenty of experience performing at a large variety of public and private events, on television and on tour, The Blues are always happy to come along and have a sing any and all kinds of functions. Be sure to make any occasion memorable by having the fellas on board, and feel free to chuck us an email or a message on social media for more info or to organise a truly spectacular time!

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From the President

Quinn Reid - President 2022

The Blues on YouTube

Hey! I’m Quinn and I’m at the helm of the Blues this year. I’ve been singing with these guys for almost 4 years now and have loved every second of it. I’ve enjoyed leading the group this year, organizing gigs and concerts, and seeing some big ideas come to fruition, but I’ve also just enjoyed being a part of this fun little singing group. To me, as big as the blues might get, it’s still a fun little hobby we do twice a week to have fun and do a bit of singing. And if there’s one thing we’re good at, it's having a lot of fun while singing!

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