About us

Newby Blues is an all male A Capella group, meaning we perform solely with voices and no instruments. Having formed in 2012 at St Georges College the group is now based around the University of Western Australia, the boys can always be found around college either performing at any number of events or brushing off their singing skills. The group consists of a wide range of people from different backgrounds with different talents and amazing personalities that mesh together to create a brilliant group of young men.


Newby Blues performs everything from old time barbershop classics to more modern and fresh songs with an exciting twist. Each year comes with a new set of fresh faces for the group as people come and go, the boys juggle between full time studies at university as well as rehearsals as well as a slew of other college commitments. Always keen to perform the Blues have performed all over the place, from busking around the city in front of large crowds to live television sets for charity events such as Telethon. Be sure to flick us a message either by email or through social media should you wish to find out more.